Our locksmiths use time-honoured techniques, passed down from the forefathers of the Willenhall lock making industry, ensuring each lock is manufactured to perfection.

Established in 1971, The Quality Lock Company, like much of the Willenhall lock trade, began as a small shed business. Selecting the finest regional craftsmen, the business grew by word of mouth recommendations.

Our locks are hand measured, hand filed and individually inspected, with each component separately hand-crafted from brass. Exceptional in appearance, unrivalled in durability and premium in quality, our rim locks are used in some of the UK’s finest establishments.

We use only the best materials in making our locks, all of our castings are sourced from within the UK.

Our skilled locksmiths manufacture each lock from start to finish, taking pride in their craftsmanship and responsibility for our reputation.

Manufactured in a traditional workshop, time honoured techniques combined with modern day knowledge ensure each lock is perfectly precise.

The attention to detail that is central to our philosophy can be seen here, completing the keyhole.

High quality finishes are achieved with care and expertise in our polishing shop.

The final assembly, every part is carefully placed in position and tested to certify the finished product works perfectly.